Mouldable synthetic block biomaterials

Their mouldability, guaranteed result and low cost make them a winning solution.
• 100% resorbable

• Biocompatible

• Osteoconductive

• Slightly radiopaque

• Entirely synthetic, does not contain substances of biological origin

• Suitable for bone remodelling and grafts

Alos Block

A polylactic and polyglycolic acid-based copolymer as space maintainer (mechanical function), biocompatible and resorbable, guarantees blood permeability and blood clot stabilisation. The copolymer is gradually replaced by osteoprogenitor cells, until new bone tissue forms.

(Non-sintered) porous hydroxyapatite powder ensures rapid vascularisation, fast resorption and replacement with autologous bone. Biocompatibility studies have shown that porous hydroxyapatite does not cause local or systemic toxic or phlogistic phenomena.
During resorption, the sponge-like and permeable microstructure of Alos promotes the advance of osteons and acts as a space maintainer, forming the framework required by cells to create the new bone matrix. The modularity of full resorption is between 4 and 8 months. 

Ideal for large bone gaps. Its main feature is its considerable consistency, in contact with blood or saline, it tends to be more mouldable and easier to adapt to the bone gap, to the point that it can be moulded with a spatula. The graft can be covered with Alos Paste, avoiding the use of membranes in many

Moulding example with Alos Block

Clinical Indications


Socket filling in post-extraction implantology, small sinus lift with the ‘sandwich’ technique, green wood fractures (split crest), large sinus lift, vertical and/or horizontal increase of bone crests used in conjunction with Alos Block and a titanium grid. 

Alos Paste can be used as a filler in fenestrations and or dehiscences and as a membrane to cover grafts with autologous bone. 


Filling of pockets, furcations..

Oral surgery 

Filling of bone cavities after extractions, cystectomies, apicectomies.

Clinical case of Dr. F. Goncalves


Implant with exposed threads. 

Moulding with Alos Paste.

Bone regeneration after 4 months.

Clinical case with Histology
“University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Biomaterials Laboratory headed by Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti”

"The histological analysis clearly shows that the biopsy, stained with picrofuchsin, features osteonal structures containing osteocytes (fig. 1 and 2). This is neoformed and well-structured bone.
The scanning electron microscopy exam (fig. 3 and 4) confirms that the bone pocket, filled with Alos Paste/Block, was completely filled with neoformed bone tissue after the implant had been in place for 5 months."
"In conclusion, it can be said that the insertion of Alos Paste and Alos Block stimulates fast bone regeneration with the resulting formation of new mineralised tissue that is able to fill the gap."