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Allmed was established in 1997 building on the 20 years of experience of its management in the field of surgery and implantology with the aim of designing, manufacturing and marketing the Evolution2000 Implant System, which was launched on the market, thereby providing a SIMPLE, ESSENTIAL and COMPREHENSIVE surgical and prosthetic system.

Osteosynthesis materials were then designed, made and certified, such as Ti Nails, Screws and Grids, which complement and improve Allmed’s surgical product range.

The Alos Biomaterial came after two years of in vitro and in vivo tests. It is essential for bone regeneration, entirely synthetic and unique in terms of mouldability and ease of use.

The implant line was then expanded by providing Allmed customers with the Mini Ball and MF implants, suitable for stabilising mobile prostheses and used as temporary implants.

In 2005 the Evolution2000 MC and Evolution2000 SP implants were designed, which both have the same prosthetic components of previous lines and share the company’s philosophy – Simplicity and Essentiality.

Around the same time, EvolutionConic EC² was presented, the new conical implant with low-impact ‘trapeziform’ thread, conical in the prosthetic coupling as well, to guarantee improved antibacterial seal.

This implant is the result of painstaking design and the close collaboration of a group of professionals who verified the clinical efficacy and the benefits of prosthetic components with S-Line Profiles, where the aesthetic principles of the BOPT technique apply.