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22 OTTOBRE 2018

Bopt e Implantoprotesi
Da una tecnica di preparazione ad una filosofia operativa.

27 0TTOBRE 2018

Estetica dei tessuti molli dalla A alla Z

Easy and innovative method for split crest with the use of D.R. (patent)

The idea stems from a specific clinical need: to simplify the expansion of the ridge for implant purposes in the treatment of the maxilla and the atrophic mandibular joint.

Clinical video edited by
dr. Denni Rondini

Clinical Case dr. Enrico Vannucci

Conical Abutments 18 ° and 30 ° (M.C.A.) for all on four.

This new prosthetic procedure has been designed to facilitate and allow the restoration of implants with accentuated divergences and disparallelism of the prosthetic axes. .

Clinical case Dr. Aldo Francesconi