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Evolution2000 SP

Serface treatment

The surface of Evolution2000 SP Nanosurface implants is obtained by means of a controlled Oxidation process that results in a micro and nano retentive surface consisting of Titanium Oxide (TiO2) enriched with phosphorous and calcium.
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Prosthetic and Surgical Components

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Self-tapping implants

Due to its shape and morphology, the Evolution2000 SP implant is self-tapping. It is suitable for any clinical application, but especially in cases with D1 and D2 bone density.
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SP surgical protocol 

Evolution2000 SP Nanosurface surgical procedure.  
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Micro-threaded neck

Increases bone-implant contact in the crestal area by over 100%.
Improves load distribution thereby reducing bone stress. Mechanically stimulates bone tissue, counters re sorption in the most critical point, less vascularised, where there are the highest stress peaks.

Longitudinal milling
They make the implant self-tapping, avoid the compression generated by bone residues and liquids during screwing.

Apical portion
Slightly smaller in diameter compared to the implant body, it makes insertion in the implant site easier.
The ‘round’ apex prevents potential traumas in case of sinus lift.

Surgical Procedure

The essential, simple and safe design of the Evolution2000 Implant System has simplified
the surgical procedure, thus speeding up surgery and reducing discomfort for the patient as a result. 

Surgical Protocol