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Prostheses, BOT and implant prosthesis
Implant biomechanics and Oral Surgery Techniques on cadavers (France).



Used to fix grids and bone grafts in bone regeneration.
To position osteosynthesis screws, the special screwdriver with hex tip must be used.
This screwdriver has the special feature of being retentive, so the screw can be positioned with no risk of dropping it. 


Clinical indications
To be used as a space maintainer for guided regeneration to protect the desired regeneration site. Based on the anatomy of the bone defect one needs to intervene on, it is advisable to prepare a surgical template and cut the titanium grid to size on it.
Then fix the grid with osteosynthesis screws.


Used to fix membranes in bone regeneration. Place the nails in the appropriate spaces inside the Kit. Use the special nail inserter to slightly press the nail head, making sure that the nail is held on the tip of the applicator.

Position the membrane and slightly tap the nail with the surgical mallet to fit it in the desired point, making sure that it is perpendicular to the bone. The applicator will automatically release, leaving the nail in position. If it doesn’t, combine a light axial pressure with a lateral tilting movement.

Osteosynthesis product range

Titanium screw kit

Titanium nails kit

Titanium grid